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with a weekly pickup soccer games at your local neighbourhood!


accessible * fun * support for your community




Fun + Exercise + New Friends

Hassle Free and Convenience at local school gyms

No Commitment and affordable cost



How it works

Choose a location

Make a Spot Yours
Come out and enjoy all the fun and make some new friends


Why us?

Because we started out as players, and we want to share the love that comes with playing good games with good people.  We want the players to have maximum enjoyment with a minimum fuss. Also, all profit proceeds to organizing free kids program at undserved communities.
We also have a heavy focus on below
1) Ensuring that whomever comes out to one of our games gets their fair share of playing time, regardless of skill level;
2) Welcoming newcomers (to the games AND to the country) and establishing a rapport;
3) Taking care of the little details -  We research, inspect and select the venues, provide the organizers, balls, nets and pinnies -  we sweat the small stuff so that our players can just sweat.


Our Vision and Mission

We believe that active sports participation build stronger and united communities.
We want to break down the barriers to sports participation so more people can enjoy the benefits of sports.

Current Focus

We want to make soccer accessible to all. Our current focus is to have a STADIUM program s at all 32 NIAs in Toronto so more kids can have fun.

JOIN us at our next game!